What our students have to say about Kernel Masters



Omkar Vishwanath Wagle

I had joined Kernel Masters in May 2017 after going through all the reviews on Google and also after seeing the course details which Kishore sir explained during his workshop session. From my experience, I can surely say that Kishore Sir and Madhuri ma'am teaches each topic in depth and make it easy so that even a beginner could grasp it quickly. My C programming skills were a bit wobbly before coming here but the way ma'am has taught us, I can say that most of the concepts that mostly remains untouched have been covered. Also daily assignments and weekly tests makes your basics more clear and clear most of your weak areas. Due to this, I was able to get placed as a software trainee.

Zeenath Shaik

My goal was to start my career in Embedded Field. I am glad that I've made the decision to sign up for this course at Kernel Masters. The course is very demanding, in terms of commitment and hardwork. It was exhausting, yet very satisfying as we learn a new concept everytime. I especially appreciate all the session notes, videos and extra references provided. The course is designed in a way that the students get to apply the things they have learned in practicality, on real hardware. Help will always be there if needed. It is mostly based on innovative group studies, inspiring team mates helping each other. With all this practical exposure and the subject knowledge I got from here, I successfully got placed in American Megatrends, Incorporation, Chennai.

Saishruthi Cherukuri

I joined Kernel Masters during my summer holidays after my BTech 1st year, to learn C Language as I could not learn practically anything during my 1st Sem. Kernel Masters has helped me in improving my C skillset.The lecturers are very cooperative and helped us in learning the concepts well .My C programming knowledge has improved only after attending Kernel Masters. This is the first place you can think if you want make your c programming skills stronger. The lectures and assignment given are very helpful.

Pavani Mydam

I feel that the facilities provided at Kernel Masters cannot be matched by any Engineering college.I didn't absolutely learn anything during my Engineering. But here,every concept was taught with hands-on experiments, so it was easy to learn. I developed my C Programming skills and there by my confidence. I got trained on how to face an interview and I am now free of the interview phobia. I even got an opportunity to attend few classes twice as I was not very confident the first time. I dont think this kind of facility is given by any other institute.

Malaya Kumar Rout

There are several Embedded training institute in Hyderabad, But i found the best course structure and guidance in Kernel Master. The best part of Kernel Master is that the lab. Here there is no time boundaries for lab you can do experiment at any time with full lab support. After i join the Kernel Master, i get the real time knowledge on Embedded system with real experience. So i suggest to join in Kernel Master those who want to start their career in Embedded filed.

Hemalatha Gajula

I was very much interested in Embedded field from my MSc days as ultimately for any device, the controlling will be in Embedded only. One of my senior recommended Kernel Masters to me, as it provides the best industry projects. I am completely impressed with Kernel Masters,let me tell you why : 1 )I got to work on WiFi project here, writing the AT commands on my own and learning about Beagle bone as a system and as a board all this is very interesting work. 2 )I come from MSc background with good knowledge in hardware,but everything is old and obsolete now. Here I got to learn new technologies. 3 )I had little knowledge about C and data structures from my Graduation, data structures is like more theoretical in studies, but here madam taught the data structures in such simple way. Overall ,I got to learn a lot of things from here, the industry environment helped me to gain real-time knowledge.

Rajendra Prasad Chinthala

During my B Tech, we got trained on our academic projects by some third party institute. At that time they got some controllers and taught something.The project was completed, but to be frank, we learn nothing out of it. However, after that I got interested to learn the internal things, of how to program controllers. So I started searching for Embedded Institutes and came to Kernel Masters through a friend's reference. I got to work on Bluetooth project here, and I am happy to say,I executed it on my own entirely. Its a great feeling. I would recommend Kernel Masters for pure learning. If you want knowledge then come to Kernel Masters, don't just come for placements, it wont work if you are only focused on placements, but not interested in learning.

Pritam Ganguly

As an embedded training institution Kernel Masters is a very good place to learn about Embedded systems.The way sir and madam teach here is very good.The environment they provide to the students is alike the environment in company.The course material ,structure everything is just fantastic and also the support u will get from the institute. Now coming to my case,when I came here I had no idea about how vast this field is and now I can say after my course here that I have learned something.I hope this can help you to choose Kernel Masters as your Embedded System training institution.

Pavan Kumar Desireddy

I came from Diploma. Through E-Cet we take direct admission into Engineering 2nd year. Because of that we had no idea what C language was. But inorder to learn embedded systems ,C language is very essential. But after joining Kernel Masters I have learnt C language entirely from the scratch and over time I improved gradually. I would give the credit to their way of teaching, exams and assignments conducted on a regular basis. Not just C,I learned many things in Embedded Systems and gained practical knowledge that is useful to me in my career.

Sai Harsha Vardhan Malempati

I am Sai Harsha, a BTech final year student of Gitam University, Vizag. I joined Kernel Masters for a short term internship during my 3rd year holidays for one month. They taught me C Programming and Micro Controller programming. I have implemented Wi-Fi and Internet of Things on ARM Cortex TM4C Launchpad. I came here with an empty mind but now I feel very confident about what I learnt heree. The environment is very friendly and instructors helpmed me to learn all internal details. The hardware lab and assignments are also useful to every student. This is my first project and Kernel Masters helped me to ful fill it, with confidence. I would like to comeback for further learning in future.

Malyadri Illuri

After my BTech,I came to Hyderabad to learn Embedded.I searched many institutes, and attended classes at 4 institutes before finding about Kernel Masters.Everywhere I found only one attitude, pay the fees and join. Only at Kernel Masters,I saw something different, 'first attend few classes, if you like then only join'..that too there is a flexibility to pay in instalments which is comfortable for few people who cant afford money at a time.I waited for 2 months, for new batch and then joined there. I feel here,the environment is good for freshers for learning from basics on wards. Especially internet facility is good for expanding our knowledge through online resources, after classroom session.After every topic, we have an immediate assessment, so that we are bound to complete it, unlike in our graduation days, where we used to postpone studies until final exams.I feel the regular exams conducted and assignments are the strength of this course. Recently I got to work on a company requirement for one week under real industry environment. I felt working under the real environment is easier than what we did during our training here.All credit goes to the training and knowledge we got from Kishore sir.

Ajit Upadhyay

After joining Kernel Masters, I really understood what is embedded systems. Kishore sir showed me the way to enter High end application programming, driver programming including testing of drivers. Industrial Firmware development was also taught by Kishore sir. The course content was designed keeping placements in mind. The materials provided are enough for interviews. Hence,I would like to suggest those who are looking for a career in Embedded Systems must come to Kernel Masters.

Shaik Shafi

After my graduation I got placed in Software field, but I didn't find it interesting. So quit that and took Embedded training at Kernel Masters. As per my opinion, usually many training centers promise great content, but when it comes to reality, they tend to skip many topics. Practical guidance is also not available most of the times.But that is not the case with Kernel Masters. They take 100% responsibility to deliver what they have promised.And the LAB practicals and assignments are the biggest assets of the course. I am impressed with the way they taught C programming with so much interest and patience. I dont think this kind of training is available anywhere else. We just have to utilize all these facilities and give our complete efforts.