Embedded Software Developer

  • Are you passedout in or before 2018 ?
  • Do you have a career gap after education?
  • Are you working in a non-technical field & want to move to Software job?
  • Are you in search of job without any guidance and dont know how to go about it?
  • No more campus interviews from your college but you need to start a career?
  • Finally, are you interested in making your career in Embedded Systems?

  • Here is a course designed to help you kick start your career in Embedded field

    Batch Start Date: 27-MAY-2024

    Mode : Offline

    Duration: 6 Months

    No of Seats: 45

    Admission Process:

    Course Layout: Non-fresher course is devided into 3 levels.

    • Level-0
      • C & Data Structures
      • Embedded Basics
    • Level-1
      • Linux Basics
      • Shell Scripting & Python
      • Linux System Programming
      • Linux Device Drivers
    • Level-2
      • Embedded Linux Beagle Bone Black
      • Yocto Project with Beagle Bone Black
      • Linux Debugging Techniques & GNU Toolchain
      • Linux I2C Drivers
      • Embedded Linux Projects
      • Placement Assistance Program

Course Fees

Module Duration Fees(INR)
Level-0 2 Months 16000/-
Level-1 2 Months 21000/-
Level-2 2 Months 32500/-
Total Fees 69500/-
Fees if Enrolled before 17-MAY-2024 59500/-

Hardware required for this course:

  • Kernel Masters has designed and developed Industrial Hardware boards in collaboration with Embedded Core Companies.
  • These Hardware boards will be used as part of the course for real-time project. Students need to purchase the board at the time of project.
  • Total estimated cost of hardware kit for Embedded C project will be 9600/- + GST + Shipping.
  • The kit comes with below components:
    • Beagle Bone Black board
    • Beagle Bone Black Expansion board
  • Apart from Beagle Bone Black boards, an extra CAN board is required, if CAN IoT Node project is chosen. It is optional.
  • Cost of CAN IoT Node kit is 1800/- (49 USD). It is optional.


  • Placement support will be provided after 6 months of training. It will include interview guidance, profile preparation support, mock interviews and placement opportunities.

Payment Details:

  • Hardware will be sold by Kernel Masters at an extra cost, to be purchased by the candidate.
  • Hardware boards are mandatory for the course.
  • Kernel Masters does not lend hardware kits. Candidates need to purchase the hardware kits.
  • Fees to be paid in 2 instalments. Fist installment at the time of admission(includes advance booking fees). Second instalment to be paid one month after course commencement.

Level 0: C Programming & Data Structures [C&DS]

Duration: 2 Months

Class Timings:MON-SAT, 7am - 9am IST or 11am -1pm IST depending on batch.

LAB Timings: MON-SAT, 10am - 6pm

Pre-requisites:Basic Experience with Computers.


  • To get Indepth knowledge on C Programming from the scratch.
  • To gain handson experience with various C features.
  • Handson experience with Data Structures using C Programming
  • Indepth understanding of concepts like pointers, strings etc
  • Become interview ready. Crack C Programming in interviews easily.

Program Name Duration Syllabus
C Programming basics 4 weeks Download
Advanced C & Data Structures 5 weeks Download
Embedded Basics 2 weeks


  • Individual modules also can be taken if interested.
  • All classes are live Classroom sessions. Recorded Videos are not provided.

Level 1: Embedded Linux Device Driver Developer [ESSENTIALS]

Batch Type:Weekend Batch

Duration:2 Months

Class Timings:SAT 7am - 1pm, SUN 10am - 1pm IST

LAB Timings:MON-FRI, 7.00pm - 9.00pm IST

Pre-requisites:Proficiency in C & Datastructures,Embedded Systems Basics,Linux Basics & Shell Scripting


  • This is essential level for those who want to move to embedded linux device driver development area.
  • Main objective of this training is to cover concepts of linux basics, shell programming, system level programming and device drivers with real time examples.
  • Learning these concepts are important, to develop a new device driver or Customize a driver on embedded linux platform which is the next level.

Program Name Duration Syllabus
Linux Basics & Shell Scripting 2 weeks
Linux System Programming 3 weeks
Linux Device Drivers 3 weeks


  • Individual modules also can be taken if interested.
  • All classes are live Classroom sessions. Recorded Videos are not provided.

Level 2: Embedded Linux Device Driver Developer [EMBEDDED LINUX PROJECTS]

Batch Type:Weekend Batch

Duration:2 Months

Class Timings:
THU & FRI: 6.45am - 8.30am,
SAT: 5pm - 9pm,
SUN: 9am - 1pm

Interactive LAB Session Timings:SAT 10am - 1.00pm IST

Pre-requisites:Embedded Linux Device Driver Development Level 1 - Essentials


  • Gain real time handson experience on embedded linux device drvier development.
  • Main objective of this module is to cover: how to add or port new devices in to exsisting hardware on embedded linux platform, embedded linux boot sequence, boot loader customization, boot time optimization etc.
  • With the real-time projects can add up to 3+ Years of experience in embedded linux platform, to your profile.
  • Finaly understand overall system framework from top to bottom and viceversa.
  • You can work on any new sub system in linux kernel.

Program Name Duration Syllabus
Embedded Linux with Beagle Bone Black 2 weeks
Yocto Project with Beagle Bone Black 1 week
Linux Debugging Techniques & GNU Toolchain 1 week
Linux I2C Drivers 1 week
Embedded Linux Projects 2 weeks
Placement Training 1 week


  • Hardware Boards required for the course: Beagle Bone Black & Beagle Bone Black Expansion Board
  • Beagle Bone Black Expansion Board is designed and developed by Kernel Masters and is available to purchase only at Kernel Masters.
  • Beagle Bone Black board needs to be purchased seperately, it is not included in the BBB Expansion board.
  • You may purchase Beagle Bone Black board from us or from any other store.
  • GST & Shipping charges or customs charges if required are to be taken care of by the candidate incase of any Hardware procurement.
  • Only those who complete the first four modules in this level are eligible to do Embedded Linux projects.
  • Embedded Linux Project module is not offered seperately or in any other combination.
  • All classes are live Classroom sessions. Recorded Videos are not provided.